Making A House A Home






When I lived in Southern California I enjoyed visiting a lusciously landscaped outdoor health spa.I only visited it in the summer when the plants were at their peak of their beauty and the gentle sunshine created the perfect climatic conditions.I always returned home refreshed and revitalized.Though I recall with joy those few leisurely days they were an exception to my normal lifestyle.Knowing how refreshed I returned from the spa days I seek to daily revitalize myself in my home by creating a spiritual health spa.It is simple and low budget!

Be Intentional!

The first step in getting to the spa was to schedule the trip.The destination was a bit too far to spontaneously decide one morning to go. Similarly, creating your spiritual health spa requires that you intentionally designate a time and place.It may change from time to time just as my departure from home did.The point is, I always “got on the road.”

Have Directions

Once the trip was scheduled I needed detailed instructions if I wanted to maximize my day at the spa.One wrong turn and I would spend much more time on the freeway than at the spa. 

The Scriptures—your heavenly Father’s special instructions to you—are the directions to you spiritual spa. Saturate your mind with His thoughts, examine the lives of women who are recorded on the pages of His Word, and personalize each passage you study. If you will purpose in your heart to internalize the content of your study I believe you will experience spiritual refreshment and renewed vitality.

Pack Your Bag

I purchased a special bag to hold all of my spa supplies. This insured that I had all of the necessities to make my trip memorable. Set yourself up for success by collecting the necessary tools to experience a productive spa experience. Though needs vary for each individual, some common items are:

  • A notebook or journal—you will want to record your thoughts in a place where they can be referred to at a later date.
  • Your Bible—always return it to where you study to avoid a scavenger hunt when it’s time to commune with your heavenly Father.
  • Other books you may want to study after you read the Word.
  • A supply of pencils, pens, and other tools like a highlighter—it is handy to store them in a zipper pouch.
  • Index cards for your meditation verses and principles.You may also want a notebook ring to keep your meditation and principle cards together.
  • Post-it notes for reminders (especially for extraneous thoughts that distract your mind—write them down so that you won’t forget them, but don’t allow Satan to impair your time with your heavenly Father by diverting your attention).
  • A basket, box, or other container to store your tools.Graciously inform your family that this box is off limits to them so that you always have the supplies you need.

A Suggested Spiritual Spa Regiment

After my first visit to the spa I knew what regiment worked best for me to leave relaxed and refreshed.The same is true for our spiritual spa retreats.Consider implementing this spiritual health plan:

  • Exercise your flabby prayer muscles by praying expectantly (John 14:13).
  • Refrain from ingesting unnecessary “thought calories” by declining anxious thoughts (Philippians 4:6-7).
  • Choose a diet of “high potency thought nutrients” which promotes thoughts that are pleasing, morally clean, and in harmony with God’s standards of holiness (Philippians 4:8-9).
  • Increase your physical stamina by choosing to rejoice in all circumstances (Nehemiah 8:10b; Philippians 4:4; 1 Thessalonians 5:16).
  • Cast off unnecessary weight by placing all your concerns on the Lord (1 Peter. 5:7).
  • Accept that you are only capable of cultivating spiritual vitality when you seek supernatural assistance (Philippians 4:19).

If you consistently follow this plan you should possess a more finely toned spiritual constitution that allows you to say, “I possess spiritual vitality because I chose to

  • Be a Victor rather than a victim (Romans 8:26-39),
  • Walk in Integrity (Psalm 15),
  • Trust in the Lord (Proverbs 3:5-6),
  • Abide in Christ (John 15:1-11),
  • Love my Lord with all my heart (Matthew 22:27-39),
  • Incline my heart to my heavenly Father’s testimonies (Psalm 119:36),
  • Thank my heavenly Father for the benefits of being His child (Psalm 103),
  • Yield myself to the Lord (2 Chronicles 30:8).” (Note that the highlighted letters spell VITALITY)

Consistently visiting your spiritual spa will produce a woman who, regardless of the circumstances, exhibits spiritual vitality (Jeremiah 17:7-8).

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