Making A House A Home






I love the month of May because it offers an opportunity to celebrate Motherhood!  Whether you are single never married with no children, as I am, or a mother with a full or maybe even overflowing quiver, if you are a Christian woman you are called to motherhood.  I am always saddened by those who choose to create a “pity party” on this special holiday.  Though our gracious heavenly Father deemed for some of us to remain unmarried, barren, or childless, He did provide us with the opportunity redirect our maternal instincts toward spiritual motherhood. We all have the opportunity to have someone call us “Mom” and, Lord willing, affirm our impact on their lives (Prov. 31:28) at this season focused on honoring Motherhood.

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What is your reaction when you think of the holiday season?  Did you know that the holiday season is actually a “holy-season” that should bring us closer to the event or person we are celebrating?  Contrary to current practice, Thanksgiving Day is rooted in an occasion focused on thanking God for His provision rather than parades, football games, and shopping at odd hours.  Our study of American history reminds us that the Pilgrims had experienced an incredibly difficult year, yet they chose to be thankful. Christmas is the birthday of our Savior who was born in the humblest of circumstances and gave the best gift ever—salvation.  So, what are some ways that you can make this holiday season one that is “holy”? 

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